Pump Up Your Jam | Week 1

Baseline Test | Roller Derby Athletics

Consists of:

  • 60s pushup test (as many reps as possible, or “AMRAP”); 60s rest 34
  • 2 minute half-burpee test (AMRAP); 2 minute rest 21
    • No push up in the middle, squat position each time you get up
  • Plank to failure (your score will be the time elapsed that you’re able to sustain the plank);  2 minute rest
    • If you can hold for 60, hold 1 foot for 30 seconds, then switch for 30, alternate until fail 1 minute 25 seconds (only able to do 1 leg hold)
  • 6-stage core test. Scoring for this test will be in 2 parts: the highest stage reached, and the number of reps achieved at that stage. No shoes, feet on the ground, no momentum
    • Stage 1: wrists to knees
    • Stage 2:  elbows to knees
    • Stage 3: cross arms to waist, upper body to thighs
    • Stage 4: cross arms to shoulders, upper body to thighs
    • Stage 5: hands to ears, elbows in line with ears 3 sit ups
    • Stage 6: arms above head

The Yo-Yo Just barely missed the end of stage 3!

To perform the test you’ll need a measuring tape and 3 objects to use as ‘cones’ to mark the course. 20 metres = 65′-7″. Try to be as accurate as possible here. You’ll also need a means of playing the beep file – an mp3 player and headphones, or a portable stereo with speakers loud enough that you can hear them. A running track, gym, or school playground is a great place to run the test. Note! Be wary of using a soccer field unless you have cleats – grass can be slippery and you don’t want to pull something.

Important points! 1. You must be stationary at the start line before each shuttle run (no running starts). 2. The halfway beep is just for your info – it doesn’t matter if you’re early or late to that point. 3. You get one ‘freebie’ fault, if you misjudge the pace and miss crossing the finish line in time for the beep. After your second late finish your test is done. Your score is the stage you failed at. The lovely English bloke on the audio file for the test calls out the stage number after each beep, so it’s easy to know your score!

Here is the audio file for the Yo-Yo test. Right click on the link below and choose “save as” to download the file… Drop this onto an mp3 player and follow along to do your test.

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