Skating-specific plyo and jumping exercises

[Complete 3 sets of this program with ~ 90 secs rest between sets]

Tuck Jumps [10 reps]: Make sure you bring your knees to your chest. AS SOON as your feet touch the ground jump again.

Split Jumps [40 reps]: Put your right leg forward, and put your left knee on the ground behind you. Now, jump up, and switch legs. When the back knee touches the ground, jump again. Keep jumping continuously without resting until the set is complete.

Cross-Overs [60 seconds]: Get into the skating position (lower than skating position if you are an inliner). Put your left leg behind the right one as if you are just about to complete a cross over. Jump from the right leg to the left and finish by putting your right leg behind the left as if it was a reverse cross over. Keep your head up, don’t look at the ground, look straight ahead. Keep your hips straight and don’t twist. Get someone to watch you or practice in front of a mirror.

 Sit Ups [20 reps]: Sit ups are always important as it’s your tummy that holds the top and bottom parts of your body together. Sit ups will help your back out in long races too. I find the best type of sit up that is easy on your back is a combination crunch and leg lift at the same time. These are hard and you won’t need to do hundreds of sit ups to get a good workout. Lie on your back. Put your hands behind your head for comfort but don’t pull on your neck or head. Lift your legs up so you look like your sitting on a chair. Cross your legs. Now, simultaneously lift your head up and pull your knees towards your body in a smooth slow motion. Then gently take your head back tot he floor and your legs back to the seated position.

Low Walk [60 seconds]: Put one foot forward and the other one back with your knee on the ground. Without standing up, slide the back foot forward as if you were walking very low. These are sometimes called duck walks ‘cos you look like a duck.

Side 2 side jumps [30 seconds]: Get into the skating position. Head up. Keep your body in the one position. Extend one leg to the position you would be in at the end of a push. In one movement, change legs to the other side. Your body should hardly move. This movement should be continuous. Don’t stop or stand up until the alarm goes off.


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