Derby Workout

Backtastic Workout

Alternate two cardio moves between 6 different targeted strength moves.  Read to the end for the notes on form. DO IT or I’ll give you a noogie.

You need: a mat or towel. Optional: dumbbells (5-20 pounds depending on your strength level).

  • Power jax cross x 20 (targets your inner thighs) – count one rep for each squat in the down position
  • Bridge March x 20 (hamstrings and glutes) – count one for each step
  • High Knees x 20 (lower abs) – count one for both knees up
  • Good mornings x 20 (hamstrings) – add hand weights if you like!
  • Power jax cross x 20
  • One leg deadlift x 20 each side (hamstrings, core balance, left/right imbalances) – add a hand weight here too!
  • High Knees x 20
  • Starfish sit-up x 20 (abs, inner thighs)
  • Power jax cross x 20
  • Egg beaters x 50 (abs, inner thighs) – count one for each out-in movement
  • High Knees x 20
  • Rollover Superman x 20 (obliques, low back) – count one for each superman hover

… then repeat the whole set x 3!

At the end, why don’t you put in a final cardio set… Power jax cross x 50 and a High Knees x 50 to round out the workout.

Time: 31:10 (including quick warmup, didn’t round out workout)

Agility Workout

Equipment: 1. A hand towel or t-shirt. 2. A timer on 45/15 second repeats (or a stopwatch) I use the Seconds Pro app on my phone to count the intervals.

Workout:  Do each of the following for 45 seconds, then take 15 seconds of rest.

  • Swizzle Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Side-to-side Shuffles
  • Agility Hops Right
  • Agility Hops Left
  • Blocker Getups
  • Hot Cross Hops

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