Roller Skating


A friend and I have decided to take up roller derby! Last week we went to the try-outs and we’re waiting to hear back if we made Fresh Meat! We’re in need of practice so we went roller skating tonight. Great workout!

Time: 1.5 hour
Calories burned: 797


One thought on “Roller Skating

  1. Hi,

    I am a documentary filmmaker living in New York City that is making a documentary on the slow disappearance of roller skating in my city and in the US. In New York, the rink in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx have closed, leaving on one left in Staten Island that was destroyed in hurricane Sandy.

    I love that you just joined roller derby and would love to follow your journey through your blogs.

    The documentary I’m making is called United Skates, because I have discovered that roller skating is one very unique place where all races, genders, ages and social classes lace up together, and barriers come down… and I am hoping our film will inspire a new generation of youth to bring back the love of skating.

    I am in the process of creating an open platform blog, where I am inviting anyone who has a beautiful story such as yours, and a love for skating (in any form), to post, and begin to create a world wide community.

    If you are interested in sharing your blog, your story, or your thoughts with us, it would be an honor to be in touch.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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