I am getting close to my 1-year anniversary of eating healthy and working out. To date I have kept off 8 pounds of the 12 I lost. But I can’t seem to get to 125, which is where I’d really like to be. I still see photos of myself and am not happy with what I see. I think I am getting definition in my arms, and all it takes is one photo to make me realize they don’t look quite as toned as I’d like. Thing is, I am have starting losing motivation with regards to both eating healthy and my fitness. I think I’ve reached a point where I need to re-motivate myself, so I thought I would start by creating a new list of health and fitness goals. So, here is my first list of goals for the next little while. Every week I’ll review my goals for the week and see how I’ve done.

This Weeks Goals:

  1. Smoking weed only when I go to a movie or am drinking. Smoking weed basically makes me eat like it’s my job. And last time I checked I was a marketing manager, not a professional eater.
  2. Cutting out wheat this week and see how I feel. Hoping it will help with belly fat, a huge problem area for me.
  3. Follow the Herbal Magic program again, I lost all my weight with Herbal Magic, it’s what kept me losing weight consistently, so why wouldn’t I keep doing it?
  4. Keep a hand-written food journal again. Again, this is how I lost my weight initially, so why stop something that was clearly working.
  5. Workout 5-6 days a week. Try to get in an hour with BodyRock or Running and my new-found love Blogilates.

Monthly Goal:

  1. Keep the drinking to once a month. I’ll be honest, I can get a bit out of control when it comes to partying and having fun, unfortunately, the having fun (aka: drinking and smoking weed) results in me throwing my healthy eating right out the window. I’ll report back at the end of September with how this one went. So far I only have one event that will involve drinking and it’s a wedding. Wish me luck!

So there you have it. This weeks goals. Here’s to hoping I meet them all! I’ll check in next Sunday!



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