Today’s Workout

BodyRock Link: Quantum of Sweat

Interval Timer: This workout takes 16 minutes and is divided into four 4 minute sequences. Set your timer for 4 rounds and two intervals – 10 seconds and 50 seconds. Your goal is to complete as many reps as you can for each exercise during the 50 second intervals. You will have 10 seconds to write down your reps in between each exercise. In the first sequence you will be doing One Leg Skipping with Jump Rope and Roll Over Commando Push Ups:

  1. Skipping on your left leg
  2. Roll Over Commando Push Ups
  3. Skipping on your right leg
  4. Roll Over Commando Push Ups

*Two push ups with the two knee tucks count as 1 rep for the Roll Over Commando Push Ups exercise.

In the second part of this workout you will have your timer set exactly the same way and you will be doing Low Jump Rope Jacks and Reverse Push Up & Kick Up:

  1. Low Jump Rope Jacks
  2. Reverse Push Up & Kick Up
  3. Low Jump Rope Jacks
  4. Reverse Push Up & Kick Up

Repeat both sequences one more time to complete 16 minutes in total.

Completion Time: 16 minutes (firm)

BodyRock Link: Hot Pink Workout

Interval Timer: Set your interval timer to 4 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following exercises below, each for 50 seconds

  1. Oblique Plank Twists Left – Using the Ugi ball
  2. Oblique Plank Twist Right – Using the Ugi ball
  3. Circle Chest Left  – Using the Ugi ball
  4. Circle Chest Right – Using the Ugi ball

Completion Time: 4 minutes (firm)

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