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Awkward Pose – The “3-part” Bikram Yoga Posture that will strengthen and tone every inch of your legs!
Flow from one part to the other with no break, after you have competed all three parts, drop your arms and take a 10 second breather, then, repeat a second set of the pose. Hold each part of the posture for 10 seconds! So 30 sec of flow, 10 sec rest, 30 sec of flow.

First Part:

  • Stand with your feet 6 inches apart, feet flat on the floor
  • Raise your arms parallel to the floor, level with your shoulders, palms down, all 5 fingers together. Squeeze your thumbs with the index fingers to fully engage the triceps / biceps.
  • Take a deep inhale and with your chest up, exhale and sit down so that your thighs (if possible!) are parallel to the floor. Breathe normally.

* Throughout the posture, keep 6 inches between your hands, knees, and feet, and with your chest lifted, focus on sticking your butt back so that the weight is in your heels
* Hold for 10 seconds, and then press up, keeping your arms there….raise up on your toes for the second part:)

Second Part:

  • Stand HIGH on your toes, imagine you are wearing 6 inch stiletto shoes:)
  • Keep your stomach in, and your spine as straight as possible / flat back (this will be challenging, but just do your best! Try not to lean froward:)
  • Sit down, and again, aim to get your thighs parallel to the floor
  • Breathing normally, and again, try and hold the pose for ten seconds
  • Press up and drop your heals to the floor for a moment, but again, keep your arms up! If your arms are burning, relax your shoulders, and just keep squeezing your thumbs with your index fingers to work your arms:)

Third Part: 

  • Come up on your toes, but just a little bit this time:)
  • Squeeze your knees and inner thighs tightly together
  • Take a deep inhale and then exhale as (still with a flat back) you sit down AGAIN. This time, as you go down, think of pointing your knees down and forward slightly. If I put a ball on your knees, it should go rolling right off.
  • Sit down until there’s about a half inch gab between your hips and heals. Try not to sit on the heals / calf muscles:) This is hard to do, but don’t stress, it will get easier over time!* Hold for ten seconds, then, take an extra deep inhale and as you squeeze your thighs together….press back up.

After the third part, drop your arms down and take a ten second break…then repeat!  After you’ve completed the third part of the second set, again drop your arms,  smile, and thank Bikram for this KILLER leg / butt posture :)


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