Today’s Workout

BodyRock Link: Booty Call – 300 Rep Challenge

Interval Timer: Set your  Interval Timer as a stop watch. This workout is done in a Pyramid style for a total of 300 Reps!!  Your first time through the workout you do each exercise for 10 reps. The next round you do each exercise for 9 reps each and so on until you work it down to 1 rep for the final round.

  1. Alternating hand sand bag swing using the Pink Sandbag
  2. Shovel left using the Pink Sandbag
  3. Shovel right using the Pink Sandbag
  4. Clean and Press Left using the Pink Sandbag
  5. Clean and Press Right using the Pink Sandbag

Completion Time: 18:43

Interval Timer: 
Ab Routine using your interval timer to 10/50 and use your BodyRock Equalizer.

  1. Reptile PushUp using the BodyRock Equalizer (22)
  2. Mountain Climbers using the BodyRock Equalizer (64)
  3. Star Push Ups using the BodyRock Equalizer (n/a)

Notes: Exercise #3 for bonus abs, I did the plank instead.

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