Today’s Workout

BodyRock Link: Caught Stripping Workout

Interval Timer: Set your interval timer to count down 6 minutes for you and complete this exercise combo as many times as you can.

  1. Commando Push Ups 2 reps
  2. Roll over (towards the other side of your exercise mat onto your belly)
  3. Power up into a squat position
  4. Big jump forward across your mat
  5. Pick up your Sandbag (place it onto your upper back) and do 10 squats
  6. Throw the Sandbag down and do 2 small jumps back so that you are standing in front of your mat again
  7. Get down onto your belly and roll over on the other side of the mat to the starting position

Part 2
Interval Timer:
Set your timer to 6 rounds of 10/50. You will repeat this circuite 3 times for the total of 6 minutes.

  1. Sandbag Swing
  2. Sandbag Sit Up

Completion Time: 6 minutes (firm)

Notes: None.


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