Today’s Workout

BodyRock Link: Metabolic Inferno Workout

Interval Timer: Set your interval timer to a stop watch and complete the following exercises below 4 times through as quickly as you can, making sure you focus on good form and keeping your core tight.

  1. Canadian Dips – 10 reps
    • Start with a dip, then kick one leg at a time over the chair and do another dip. Each dip counts as one rep.
  2. Squats and Step Ups – 20 reps
    • Start with the squat, standing in between 2 chairs.
    • Turn to the left and step up on the chair with your right leg. Bring the left knee up. Then return into the starting position, do another squat and repeat the same thing on the opposite side on the other chair. Each squat counts as 1 rep.
  3. Lunges and Push Ups Exercise – 10 reps
    • Put your right foot up on the chair behind you and do 2 lunges on one leg.
    • Then put both feet up on the chair and do one elevated push up. Switch the legs and repeat the same thing on the other leg. Each push up counts as 1 rep.

Completion Time: 17:00

Notes: None


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